anybody have this song ?


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Does anyone have a song called "we want your soul" by Adam Freeland? I can't find this song anywhere on the internet and i really want it, so if anyone has it, please feel free to email me or contact me on AIM. thanks :D

email -
AIM - fortunekookyies


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john123 said:
oh come on. brookfield, why do you have to ruin everything???
John, John, for pete's sake, I was just letting people know it had been reported, as it happens, I too can't see why it was reported, but as you rushed in like a bull at a gate again, 'spect this means anothr neg point for me?


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UK31337 said:
I've moved it back. There's no piracy actually occurring on the forum itself.
yet asking about where to get for example torrents of some new movies is not allowed. I don't see why this is allowed then, there isn't any piracy happening on this forum if we were to tell people where to get the torrent, we would just be giving a link to a 100% legal file. (the torrent file is not illegal, it doesn't contain any copyrighted material)

And here he is basicly asking someone to send him a copyrighted file...