Any ideas or help?


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But Dev tools are built-into the Chrome is it blocked?

I honestly do not know how. If I left click on a site, it will show the option but I cannot click it. I have also tried Ctrl+Shift+I and nothing happened so I guess I only assumed they blocked it.


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Hello friends! I am quite new to website design and I know very little html and nearly zero css. I am wondering if you have any recommendations on how to learn it. I was taking a website design class for about a week over the summer and I started designing my own website. I found a free host and published it and just edited it from there. I was wondering if you had any tips on designing it and would very much appreciate it if you helped me design it. I feel like a fool asking about this but I was attempting to test if I could add something to my site and manipulate it with css. Obviously it failed. Can anyone help me with this? The site is majorly under construction so don't mind all the help links close to the top. Ill upload the css file and html file so you may take a look.

Here is the link to the site: Learn the cube!


I was in the same boat as you are. I learned a lot from three places. an awesome co-worker who is a Front End Developer, which has a couple of projects to get you started, and last Khan Academy, believe it or not they have a very extensive development class list and its all free! The wonderful yet scary part of a career in programming is that you can always learn more, you will never master it because there will always be some new trick out there. My recommendations would be the following. First, try and find a Front End Developer or Senior JavaScript Developer to be-friend, whether it be through LinkedIn, Facebook, your work may have someone. Basically, anyone who is writing code on a daily basis. Ask for them to send you little projects to keep yourself busy with, it is especially fun when they try to challenge you to doing something weird or out of the box because their idea of a solution is not always the same and then your both learning! Second, download the skeleton css grid, you can customize a lot and it allows you to mess with stuff and revert back (just don't save over the original, use SAVE AS - it is your friend). Last, go to half priced book, or any book consignment store in your area, they always have out of date programming books for dirt cheap prices and though the execution is different, the ideas are still present.

Good Luck, and let me know if you find anything good!;)