Any Guitar players here?

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Me! 'Cept its my second instrument...I play the drums as my primary instrument. I play a Stratocaster copy by a company named Lotus. Never heard of it? Same here. I play lots of stuff..classical, radiohead, and rarely powerchordy songs.
I've been playin' for about 5 years now.. I've got a nice cheap abused Samick guitar that I use if I'm just screwing around.. it's got a really nice sound considering it was so cheap. My other guitar is an Ibanez RG7620 (the kind used by KoRn, Fear Factory, Meshuggah, etc).. it's a bit strange at first being as it's got 7 strings, but you get so used to it.. it's definately the most comfortable guitar I've ever played.

Apart from that, I've got an old Yamaha 12-string acoustic, and a no-name regular acoustic that I play if I'm into something more classical at the time.
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