any easy online free text / sms ????


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Can anyone suggest which is the easiest site for sending free online text messages, preferably one with the least logging on, clicking, or watching adverts. And ideally one that offers unlimited quantity.

Any help, please email me and tell me which one you use

Thanks again - SM.


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you can get 30 free text messages a month if you sign up to O2.
you don't have to be an o2 customer but you do have to provide a mobile number

alternatively there is a place called cardboard fish SMS who offer unlimited free text messages, but their service is frequently offline because of high demand, and it doesn't tell you it's offline untl you've written the message and gone through the screens.

I've replied, because I suppose you'll get an email now I've replied, and also I don't really email random people from forums also if you don't come back to check your post you couldn't have been too desperate to know...