Any cool N64 games?

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I've just managed to get an N64 emulator to work on my PC without all the Voodoo/graphics card crap, and was very excited about it BUT.....

Are there actually any good games on the N64???

Only Mario and the Zelda series seem any good.
Ahhhh...N64 Newbs

First off, the Zelda series are he best two games for this quirky but playable system. Rogue Squadron simply rocks, as does Star Fox 64. Perfect Dark is the best FPS, far better than Goldeneye. Ogre Battle 64 is rediculous...only play it it if you want to get seriously...SERIOUSLY involved in a game. If you've never played Super Smash Brothers, you don't know what a multiplayer experience is. Lets see...those are the staples...if you need more, just say so.
Even though I'm not a 64 fan, I do like Star Fox 64 and the Super Smash. Those and the multiplayer Goldeneye are good ones.

Never tried Perfect Dark, I'll tell my niece to get it (since it's her console, hehe).


Look on the bright side, 4:20 is never more than eleven hours and fifty-nine minutes away. Unless you're on a 24 hour clock.
Yeah, Perfect Dark is the shizznaheeyat. I couldn't play any other multi until Halo came out. But PD even shines over Halo with the amount of options you's rediculous.
Hope you like it
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