Any computer, any problem, absolutely free.


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I'm trying to earn several certifications in IT.
But I also want more experience in the repairing field.
I know quite a bit and currently possess my A+ Certification. I'm trying to obtain Network+, Linux+, Windows+, and so forth.

This service will be absolutely free, the only thing you'll pay for is for the parts.(If needed). Singles or volumes.
Any computer, any problem, absolutely free.
If you prefer, it can be virtually for minor software problems(Viral removal, software installation, etc) via VNC(Preferred) or Windows Remote Assistance.
If you want your own computer for cheap, I can build it for you. Again, you'll have to pay for the parts.

No jokes, absolutely free, all you have to do is email me or IM some of my handles.
AOL Instant Messenger: J Ric X
Windows Live Messenger: my email.)
If you prefer talking over the phone, just send me an email or IM and I'll give you my number.

So please help me help you. Thank you very much for reading this.
Kissimmee and Orlando Area..