Any Chess players here?

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I know how to play, but I am not that experienced. Might join ya one day.
97' & 98' City Championships. I could of gone to state in 98', but personal issues got in the way. Chess, the game of gods.
i'll verse you at chess, i played for awhile and am fairly good, just name a site. I don't have any modern version of chessmaster though so i can't play with that
My problem with chess was lack of competition when I was younger. I stopped getting better when I was like 12 because nobody I knew was as good (even though I wasn't really great). So I stopped playing years ago but now I'm getting back into it.

Anyone here have a ranking? according to chessmaster I'm around 1300 which I guess isn't to bad since like I said I just got back into it and that was like the second game I had played in 4 years.

Could anyone recommend a good way to play online where me and a friend could save a game and if its my turn I could load it and make a move and then later a friend could load it and make his move???
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