Antec 900 questions

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Is this not a good case? Is it old or something?

The PCI cards take a big push to get the screw in?
Like bending them in. Is that the case or my mobo?
Mobo is P5Q. It was not fun with the gtx260.

Also If you put SLI with 2 cards
where would you put the HD's?



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If you have to bend metal to install anything, you're doing something wrong.

Post pictures of what you are bending.


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Mine is great. I have pics in the Wire Management thread, Here

I now have a second card, 8600gts, in it too.


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It's not uncommon for the covers to be slightly bent and not seat properly. I have had to straighten out a few myself. It's the video card's plate not the case.


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It seems ok now.

Anyone run a 2 or 3, SLI or Xfire, setup in a antec 900?

I would like to hear how tight the hd's fit in the case?


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I was wondering the same thing from what I've heard it has room to spare

but idk...


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no its not BIG... its got a bit of room in it... but its still a Mid-Tower, there's many cases better for sticking WC loops and massive SLI/CF setups in... its still a decent case tho
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