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From another forum:

should we "welcome" ourselves into their world and see how well they take to our freedom of expression??? If so... we must all do it swiftly and overwhelm them with good 'ol conservative knoweledge.

I totally FOR it b/c these guys make me :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

EDIT: "Jeeper" on that forum is not me!
Ill check that out when Im not at work, I might say some NWS things .
well I must say that most of them say logical things.. their things aren't always accurate but are understandable..
they say that Bush is out there for the oil which is probably not true.. my father said that this war is unbeliveable, a country is sacrifacing money and people to save an other civilization from a cruel dictator who doesn't give a damn.. I replyed that I think it is a bit naive and innocent to belive in it - that the Americans are there ONLY for the perpose of HELPING the Iraqis.. I hope I'm wrong but who knows.. many say this war is actually for Israel, but as an Israeli I don't really belive in it..
All of our IP's have been logged and the FBI will probably be contacting us shortly...hahah :eek:
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