another external hard drive enclosure/power supply question

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hello -

my power supply for my old external hard drive went kaput. i really need to be able to access my data on my drive, and i couldn't find just a power supply online; i had to i had to buy a whole new enclosure.

now heres my question: the power supply that came with the new enclosure is exactly the same as the old one, except for one thing:

the old power supply's output was 12v - 1.5A
5v - 1.5A
and the new one is: 12v - 2A
5v - 2A

will using this power supply on my old drive/enclosure hurt the drive? would taking the old drive out of its enclosure and putting it in the new enclosure ensure nothing gets hurt? i just really can't afford to lose the data on said drive, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Putting the old drive into the new enclosure will be fine. The new enclosure might require more power than your old one simply because it's using a different design or different parts. E.g. Different controller, different manufacturer, different power needs for the controller.

Nothing to be worried about there. The same amount of power will still end up going to your drive.
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