Another Crazy Problem


Fully Optimized
hello i have just brought a new screen for my hp omnibook 500 off ebay.
heres the link:
when opening the box i discovered that it was a 510 screen (even tho its clearly says 500) put it altogether to discover that when i swicth it on it doesnt power up. this is where i start to get stressed out. after lots of fiddling and cursing i suddenly get it to work but only under these conditions:

before powering it on this has to be done:

1.keyboard is unplugged from motherboard
2.the lcd ribbon going to the screen also has to be unplugged.
3. the peice of chipboard that has lights on itfor the caps lock etc in the middle of the screen on the laptop part has to stay unplugged at all times (otherwise it will stwich it off when plugged in)

when i swicth it on i can plug in the lcd ribbon which makes the screen work, then i can plug in the keybaord and that will work too.

could anyone tell me why this is happening? im thinking its a campatability problem. or maybe i need to update the display drivers but where can i get them from? or i need to hunt down the bloke who sold it to me and poke my finger repeatidly very hard into his chest until he gives me a refund.