another car thread!!


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Seems like BS, 25k from a car from 1988 ahahah...And why such a old car guy, I know u think omg its a benz, but when you drive a 88' then people know, ehh this guy thought it was cool to buy a old ass benz...Work for a yr, save some money, and get something that is from 90...


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everything in the 90s was ugly tho lol
ill work i guess
what kinda car shud i look at then, cause i want somethin cool, but im probly not gonna get past like $2500


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Well trust me, driving a very very old mercedes is not cool..Well from where Im from, people tend to call them hoppdies...Hmm 2500, try looking into a civic I guess...Not sure what you can get for 2500, maybe you shouldnt look at the looks, and more of miles and stuff...Because for 2500 you should be worried about how long its gona last, inteast of how cool it is, u know..

I say we buy all go and buy the g35x.. :D


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okay well, my mom just said she wants to get a suv for her to use, but mainly for me, im thinkin maybe jeep commander, any suggestions?

btw, cause its my moms money (ca ching ;))
For your first car, just find a, sorry for the language but, just a pretty shitty car. Usually the first car someone owns always gets wrecked.

But wtf, you say you're poor but you're looking at Mercedes and New Jeep's..?

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boardordi3 said:
okay, i just turned 15 a cuple days ago, so im lookin at cars
and i am very very very poor
i plan to work over the year and whatnot, but i saw this and thot i shud see if any of u car guys cud

a) tell me if u think its good
b) tell me the model

i know cars, but not older ones, soo yeah, and i know arriz has the old mbenz ;)
Same car as mine just 3 years older. To tell you the truth $350 for that car is a steal. However, if I was in your position, I wouldnt get it. Hell, I wouldnt have my car. If ANYTHING at all goes wrong, (which being that old its bound too) its going to be very expensive.. Because everything is special in it, and even takes special tooks to work on.

In your position I would look at a 6th gen honda civic if you like to upgrade (bodykit, lights, intakes exause etc). For a first car though, thats not smart.

Smartest idea for a new car would be a new suv. Why? Because its cheap to insure, and will win against a car in a crash, and in any crash your much more protected.

Look into the following

Nissan Pathfinder 1988-1997
Toyota 4runner 1988-1997
Ford expolorer 1990 +

I mean dont get some tiny thing like a jeep liberty, but get a decent old pathfinder, and your set to go, or the 4 runner, just because awesome reliable car, that goes anywhere, lol trust me, anywhere, (my friend has awesome system in his, and we were just goin around 4x4ing with the music blasting showing off, was really tight)

I mean ford, eh, but you cant beat the looks of the old 4runners (or new for that matter).

4runner ftw in my opinon here, but the pathfinder is just as reliable and kicks just as much ass, not much of a different between body shapes either, just the older 4runners, you can take off the back top, and you cant with the pathfinders

i cant explain just right, but the 4runner... man there is just something about it that makes you love it, lol..

hell no

no way that benz is right the 190's are only 4cylinder, that says 6, and anything that old will have well over 150k miles, i mean my 1991 has like 159k. so no way that has 25k... dont even think about that car, lol


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ahh, thats what i was lookin for, but yeah, im not sure because its goin down like this now

we have a 2002 envoy, but my mom wants a bigger, nicer suv, so shes thinking about gettin a lr3 v8 hse, :D (thats waht im talkin about) so that wud probably be my car, because my mom has the bmw, and my dad has the cadillac, so that wud be mine, but when my mom wanted it, i wud get the bmw

i know pretty sweet deal right?


im gonna hav to buy my own car, and wer just gonna sell the envoy

im pretty sure wer ogin with option #1 but not posotive so yeah keep yall posted

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Yeah, I can see you guys are really hurting for money :rolleyes:

Personally, I wouldnt ever drive an GM car, unless it was given to me. Like literally I didnt have to pay for any of it. Because I would NEVER pay for a junk car like that. They wont last past 100k miles. Thats why Nissan, and Toyotas are the only way to go. Long lasting, great made cars.


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lol ironically enough, the cadillac was actually given to my dad for a company car by cadillac beacuse of the manufacturing work he does

oh btw, oh stop whinin arriz lol, mr. how many benzes?

i'm hurting for money lol