Annying pop-up window, need help please

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I keep getting this popup window coming up on my computer, it's bloody annoying, especially whem playing games.

The tiltle is "Messenger Service" (I don't even have Messenger installed)
there's a lot of text but to cut it short it says that I "have recieved a messagethrough an open port" blah blah blah "BYEBYEADS.COM"

I have run AdAware, regclean & deleted all the cookies etc but I still can't get rid of it.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of it?

Thanks in advance
Sounds like the messenger service (not the same as MSNIM)

Go into the control panel > Administrative Tools > Services > select 'messenger' > and right click, select 'Properties', and where the 'Startup type' field is, select 'Disabled.'

If you are in Windows, just kill the 'messenger' process in the Task Manager, under 2k/XP.
yeah i really hate that. It is really annoying. The first thing that i do when i reinstall xp is disable that.
Meh, it doesn't bother me much.. in fact it's kind of entertaining to come back to my PC after having it sit for a while and see a message about "enlarging my member" from WWW.BIGWIENER.COM or something.

EDIT: I woldn't advise that you try clicking that link ;)
It's nothing much, just a parked domain place...ahhahaha :p, looks like someone's gonna get their new website up and running...hhahah.
You must disable the messenger service to stop those annoying pop-ups..

go to control panel and then administrative tools.. you should see something called services there.

In services you should scroll down until you come to the Messenger service. right click and choose properties and then disable and stop the service.
make a text file on your desktop
open it and type net stop messenger
save it on your desktop as yourname.txt
edit the name and make it a .bat (dos batch file)
(you may have to go into folderoptions to edit extensions)
open it and it should say that the messenger service has stoppen
NP im here to help
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