Annoying problem with XFX nVidia Geforice FX5500 256mb


In Runtime
Hi, bought an 'XFX nVidia FX5500 256mb' card a while ago and i've been having an unusual problem with it. Somehow it plays GTA Vice City and San Andreas fine (map loads slow in vice city though) but the menu/start screen on 'call of duty' and 'soldier of fortune 2' goes really really slow like 1 frame every 5 secs (roughly, hehe). I dont get why it does this, how it can play a 3d vice city game but locks up just at the menu of another game? Also, on MotoGP2, it freezes at the start of any race and i have to reboot. Is this a hardware prob or driver related? Please help!


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Update drivers and if that doesnt work look for patchs for the game, if all eles fails reinstall.