Animal Crossing

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I've recently started Animal Crossing, very fun game. Only one thing, HOW DO YOU EARN SOME QUICK CASH?
Sell fruits, shake trees (sometimes money falls out), Run errands for neighbors, go fishing and sell your fish, Sell your fossils. There are many ways in the game for you to earn money. :D
that sounds like a cool game. I love games that have a very open theme with lots of customizability. I think ill have to pick me up a gamecube soon.
Ya, I'd say pick up a Gamecube. But don't get Animal Crossing for your first game. That game is extremely boring after all debt is payed off, there's not really anymore goals.
yeah, I agree with you plasmametroid. it gets very boring after a while. i only rented it for 5 days and was still bored b4 i returned it.
Yayyy, someone agrees with me. After you pay all your debt... there's not really much more to the game besides waiting for holidays and running errands, and the errands get old REAL REAL Fast.
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