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I've got a Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-A115U phone that I have to replace the battery in again after the last replacement lasting almost two years.

I'm soon going to get a Samsung Galaxy S20 or S21 when I can afford it in a month or two.

My question is when I get the new phone and activate it, how do I use the old phone on Wi-Fi for streaming audio or other things without the phone having any cell service on it?

I'd hate to just get rid of the phone when it has a 2-3 month old battery in it.

What I'd do is transfer all stuff to the new phone, wipe the current phone and only install apps used for music.

That said is there another use for an older smartphone besides music streaming?


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My nephew used an old phone as a tablet/mobile gaming device for years. There are tutorials on how to use old phones as security cameras, baby monitors, all kinds of things.

I can highly recommend the S20 FE (had one, my wife is still using one) as well as the S21+ (my current phone). I bought my sister-in-law an A52 and she loves it, and I bought my mother-in-law an A14 that has impressed me. Truth be told, I don't need the power of a flagship, but I do enjoy not having to wait on apps to open. The larger screens are a nice plus as well.


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Absolutely, don't toss that old phone! After transferring your data to the new one, you can keep it as a Wi-Fi-only device for streaming, an extra camera, or a backup.
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