Android devices are pish!

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Android devices are horrible and practically useless. They freeze so constantly. You can only download new apps with Google. It's extremely frustrating. They have crappy audio. I've got a new tablet, yet all I get are frequent problems with black screens, white screens, apps freezing, or Discord asks for a phone mumber, yet the page won't let me type in a number, but on a phone I cannot see the last number of the code, and if I exit the app, it mucks everything up. On a laptop, you can open a new window. And the keyboard freezes too. It only behaves occasionally.

Right now, I don't have a laptop, but I don't want to go into any of that.

Also, nearly every bloody account has to be verified with a mobile number. I hate that. It makes me feel insecure. What if the pigs or someone got their hands on my phone? Goodbye accounts, right?

I use 4G mobile Internet, so maybe that's partly responsible, but I think it's just because Android is bad quality. I don't know, though. I never, ever had these issues on a new laptop, or really any issues at all, except if it was obviously old and on its last legs anyway. But I streamed a WWE event last night and it was bad quality.

But I have to delete the Google cache to get new apps downloaded or it gets stuck at the download screen. But in all honesty, Android is totally ass.


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Sorry that you have had a bad experience but mine is totally different. From your description, though, it sounds like you are using a lower end device and are not very familiar with using Android. For example, I use Firefox as my mobile browser and can open new tabs all day long, and Chrome can do the same. Can't see everything on the screen? Change orientation or zoom out.

I am no fan of two-factor verification as it is a pain in my ass. But if something happens to my phone my number is still tied to my account with my carrier so all I have to do is get a new SIM card for it and pop it in a new device.

You have issues with 4G? I don't. Even on 3G everything works albeit slower. I doubt my carrier will go 5G for many years so I don't even worry about that.


I'm with Trotter on this, you must be using very low end devices. I've had Android phones, tablets and other devices and haven't had the problems you are describing.

It is possible to download apps from places other than Google but you have to be well aware of what you're doing in order to do it safely.

If you can't see some content on the phone or tablets screen, then you can use your thumb and forefinger to pinch and zoom to shrink or enlarge what you can see. You can also press on the screen with 1 finger and pan left/right, up/down to see what you need to see.


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Can't say I've had any of these issues with any low, medium or high end devices. (one exception being a really cheap Chinese built piece of crap tablet that had a screen that scratched like soft cheese)

4G is often many times faster than your home wireless or wired network. Especially in built-up areas.

You can enable a setting that allows you to install apps not verified through the Google app store - but this is very risky and sets you up for malware and other nasty shit on your device.

Apple devices also track you in the same manner, as do Windows Phones. Just the nature of the beast I'm afraid. Don't do anything illegal and it won't bite you.


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Sorry you are having bad issues with your android device. Today there are many great devices that run android very well. I understand the issues you have had, i have experienced also in the past, lower end devices. The new devices with 1.6ghz, 2-3 gb ram and up i have not had such issues in today devices.

Look for a high end device, i hope your experience will be much happier.

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Have a android in my Samsung Galaxy 10. it has been bullet proof for about 3 years now. As long as it continues I will continue to be happy with it.

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Tonight, it has been fine. I don't know what the issue was a few days ago.

Both my tablet and phone were acting strange, freezing, and apps became unresponsive. I've also got this problem with the Amazon book reader app 'Kindle' on both devices. I'd downloaded chart books to do with movies. Only when I used the search feature, instead of showing results, it said there was a problem, and I had to close the app. I've also seen a lot of people saying that you have to clear the cache whenever you buy anything from the Google store, but it doesn't allow you to click on the button at all to clear the cache.

Thankfully, I ordered a refurbished laptop. I say "refurbished", so I hope it's gonna run okay without any setbacks.