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If the site now says "TOMORROW'S TECHNOLOGY TODAY"

Then as I mentioned we should include what I mentioned in my previous post, otherwise this isnt really tomorrows tech today LMAO

Topics that may be worth considering off the top of my head or having a think about how to fit in atleast:
Google cloud
Mobile apps
Cyber Security
Cloud Security
Containerization (eg Docker)
New here. Question? I think someone is hacking into mysamsung android device. How do I get them out? Just by looking into my system apps. I have found device keystring, keychain, shell, and other things that I have noticed from some of you guys chats to be bad. I have factory reset my phone so many times that it isn't even funny. Can some one please help?
Okay, sorry. I thought this was somewhere you could get help with tech problems on your device. I didn't know that I had to know about these things.
Sorry, I don't know where is the best place post this, but this is a problem that has been going on for a long time. So, it's not related to forum itself, but it is related to forum settings related to Cloudflare.
Very often can't even log in in half an hour,
sometimes succeeds immediately, sometimes it still takes its 5-10 minutes.
This always happens when you log in. Very often when you open another topic on a new page, etc., so quite not predictable.
PS. I don't use any DNS or anything like that, I've been working with forums and websites for 15 years, I also know very well what Claudflare is - I also use it myself for testing purposes in some test forums, but have never had something similar. It happens with all these forums and websites, that uses browser checking before opening site itself.
My Request:
Please fix this problem or configure it to open the desired webpage after logging in, but not redirecting to this site, because it mostly also won't work.


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Googled it and the users can't change it, only the admins can and then it would apply to everyone's accounts ...Don't quote me on that because i am sure there is some way to change that...
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