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A few days ago Techist was closed and merged with . The forum software was updated to a new platform; Xenforo Version 2
Lots of change!

The site looks different but most basic forum functions are the same although buttons and switches are located in some new places.

Login: You can login with either your username and password or your e-mail address and password

Merged accounts: Many folks had an account at both forums. Where possible (both accounts had the same e-mail address) these were merged into the existing Techist account. If you are unsure what your username is try logging in with your e-mail address.

Duplicate accounts after forum merge: There were some accounts where we were unable to determine matches. For instance - same username at both forums but unique e-mail addresses. We left both accounts in place. These accounts can be merged upon request but you will need to contact us either via a private message or by hitting the contact link at the bottom of the page to reach the Help Desk.

Lost password: If you have an account but need a password reset, please use the password reset options on the login screen.

Username change: We can do this for you as needed. Please request changes via the contact link at the bottom of the page.

Forum Re-org: Some old content has been archived to clean up stale sections of the board (it has been saved however). There are some updated topic areas and in many cases existing threads have been moved into these topic areas. Tidying up is underway so please be patient. You will see more changes in the coming weeks and if you have suggestions please post up.
About Xenforo - There are some fundamental differences between vBulletin (old platform) and our new platform you need be aware of.

Conversations versus Private Messages: XenForo Conversations are different than vBulletin Private Messages.
vBulletin PMs are all individual messages, even though they can included previous message content by way of QUOTE blocks. (Quote blocks can easily be excluded by the user sending a reply, so you can't count on "the last message" of an exchange containing all the content from each message. You can end up being forced to save many or all the PM in order to preserve the entire content.) Each PM message can be saved or deleted separately. Replies can add or remove users on the TO/CC list. A single PM exchange can use up the entire PM quota of a user if the replies go back and forth enough times.

XenForo Conversations are more like a thread that is shared by two or more users. A user is either in or not in a conversation. Every user in a conversation can see every message (post) from the conversation (thread). If you "Invite" another user into an existing conversation, they can access to the entire thread of messages within it. So, it is best to think of them as threads of messages versus individual "email like" message replies. You can't delete individual messages in a conversation. You can't even delete a conversation. All a user can do is "Leave" the conversation, which simply removes their access to it.

You can't "forward" a conversation. You can only Invite someone into it. Therefore, you can not give them just a piece of the conversation. It's all or nothing. This is important for users to know in cases where some confidential or private data is contained in some message(s) within the thread.
Avatars & Images - Please consider loading a new, higher quality avatar. These are resized by the software upon upload. Animations for avatars and profile pics are not currently active although we are looking into some options. The reason is that they display everywhere a thumbnail image appears and the page looks like a spammy mess when they are enabled.

Mobile View - Yes! There is a nice mobile view of the site - no app needed.

We're learning as we go - please be patient.
Change the view and find Help - Links in footer

The default view of the site is light blue but a dark view is available. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look in the left corner to find the style chooser - icon is a paintbrush

Links to rules, Privacy and TOS are in the lower right corner

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