Amilo pi1505 display problems!

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I have a problem with my display on Fujitsu Siemens Amilo pi1505.


This photo isn't mine, I found it on some other board where someone had identical problems like I do. There wasn't any solution in that thread.

The problem you see on that photo appeared recently. Firstly I've updated and changed Intel chipset and graphic software and drivers. My laptop is running on Windows XP SP3. Nothing changed. Then I realized that if the display is the same in BIOS then it must be some kind of hardware error. I pluged in an external LCD monitor and it worked perfectly.

Before this error occured I had a display resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels but now I don't have this one between my display options.

Anyone have any idea what is wrong and how to fix this?
The max resolution is 1280x800 for that laptop. It happens in BIOS. then there is a problem with your monitor or graphic card, that is integrated.
yes, you are correct. it was 1280 x 800. sorry, my mistake.

I doubt there is a problem with integrated graphic since it worked perfectly on external LCD monitor. Maybe some loose cable or something? Or maybe is something wrong with my laptop monitor.
I've already opened it. I've check the cable that goes from monitor to mainboard although I've been able to check it only at the place where it is connected to the motherboard. It was ok. Maybe I should replace this cable? Does anyone know how to do it?
could be the wire to the monitor, too. But I am unsure how to fix that.

Edit: Did you try resetting BIOS to default?
thanks for your help mate. I did reset BIOS to default already, no luck :(


I'm thinking that replacing of this cable could solve the problem but I'm unsure how to do it since
I can't see where one end of the cable is attached. Don't want to use to much force coz I'm
not certain what I'm doing.
I'll give it a try but the problem is I don't have a replacement cable yet. I should order it and probably it will take some time. I wanted to be sure this is the problem before I make an order.
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