AMD64 3200+ Desktop PC Great for New User

AMD64 3200+ Desktop PC Great for New User (Amazing Condition)

I really need to get back on here some time :D

I was however just wondering what I could get for my PC, of which I would be interested in upgrading to a proper Intel Processor ;)

It has Internally:
AMD Athlon 63 3200+ Processor;
512MB RAM - PC3200;
MSi 6741 K8T800;
2x 160GB Samsung SP1604N at 7200RPM;
Lite-On 16x(48x) DVD-ROM;
7-in-1 Flash Memory Card Drive;
Floppy Disk Drive;
nVidia GeForce FX5200;
Realtek AC'97 Audio;
Advent Speakers;
Conexant PCI HSPi v9.2 Modem;
VIA Thine II Network Card;
Advent Case;
6x USB 2.0 Ports;
2x Firewire Ports;
Front-Mounted Microphone and Headphone Ports;

It has Externally:
19" Packard-Bell CRT Monitor with Front-Mounted Headphone Port or 15" Fujitsu-Seimens TFT Monitor, or both :p;
Lexmark X74 All-in-One Printer;
Advent Speakers;
Advent Multimedia Keyboard;
Advent Optical Mouse;
Speedtouch USB 330 Broadband Modem;

It has Softwararily: (It should be a Word):
Windows XP Home (Legit) or Windows XP Pro or Windows XP x64 (Eval) or Windows Server 2003 (Eval);
Microsoft Office 2003 Pro;
Microsoft Encarta Standard Edition 2005 (Legit);
Encyclopeadia Britannica Deluxe ME (Legit);
Adobe Photoshop CS;
Adobe Acrobat Professional CS2;
Nero 6.6;
The Sims 2 (Legit)
The Sims Triple Deluxe (Legit);

Not really a Hardcore Machine, and most of the Software is useless if you don't sell it to somebody who doesn't generally use Computers, but I figure somebody could know somebody who may be wanting a PC, PM me an offer if you're interested either for yourself or somebody else!

Delivery of course due to it weighing about 80lbs with the 19" and 30lbs with the 15" would vary drastically as to specification and where indeed you want it delivered :p