AMD XP or Intel P4

should we go get saddam

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I am building a comp
so if you wanna suggest a motherboard to go with that proceessor that would be great :)
ASUS A7V333 - Athlon/XP
ASUS P4T533 - P4 (Performance, i850E, RDRAM)
ASUS P4S533-E - P4 (Value, i845E, DDR)

Athlon XP = cheaper, outperforms similarly clocked P4, higher performance in many games.

P4 = more expensive, more prone to overclocking, better thermal protection, higher performance in office applications, etc.
i'm also making a new rig with athlon xp =
Aopen ak77-333 mo chipset via-kt333
athlon xp 2000+ pros
wd 60 gig 7200 rpm hdd
geforce 4 ti 4200
256 ddr333 ram
windows xp pro
I vote AMD aswell ive alwayed used AMD and havnt had any problems so i will proberly keep using AMD.

Man I'm a minority here :) If I had the choice, I would search around and find which one I could get the best bang for the buck. That doesnt neccesarily mean i would go AMD because i've seen P4's faster than athlon XP's and for less money. Just my thoughts.....
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