AMD X2 system

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okay i put together a new system for my uncle who runs a business....the system is gonna have to endure heavy multitasking....and was wondering if this was cant be more then $850....i've got this one spec'd see if everything is compatible...also, if you find somthing that could be better...but not raise the price that would be awesome!

if the link dont work...please tell
uhh...Conroe? at least wait for conroe so your x2 is cheaper. (170)

Talk to infomatic. He'll tell you everything you need to know.
i cant must be ordered within 2 days and built in 1-2 weeks, also, how will this be at multi-tasking?
if you really want to do heavy multitasking and really make use of a dual core then get 2gb of RAM. I'm wishing I had 2gb of RAM right now instead of just 1gb because even though the CPU can clearly handle it, the RAM gets used up quickly.
y not just get a cheap single core for now, then upgrade to the 3800+. Say $100 for single core plus $170 for 3800+ after price cuts... thats cheaper than the 3800+ now ;). If not, everything looks good.
okay, so whats some good ram? just some more of what i got?
I don't think he's interested in AMD 50% price cut 4 weeks away. :)

what's that? you wanna listen now? :amazed:

CONROE = smash amd = amd moon intel with 50% price cut july 23 don't understand, it HAS to be complete within 2 weeks...IT CANNOT heheh
Umm if it's for a business and all he's gonna be doing is multitasking is there really need for anything else the integrated video? If not that y not just something like a fx 5200, or 9600.

EDIT: you could get 2gb of ram, if not that a bigger hdd/faster cpu.
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