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First of all, I just found these boards today. Well, I was already registered, so apparently I found them a while back and just forgot about them. Lot's of useful information here and thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge and tries to help people out.

I apolgoize for bringing up a subject thats probably been driven into the ground...

I plan on building a new desktop for gaming in a couple of weeks. I've built a ton of computers before, so no problem there. My problem is.. I'm kind of out of the loop on hardware! I've just used laptops the past couple of years and haven't been into gaming or anything in quite a while.

Most of my past computers were always AMDs, and I really liked them. What should I look for in today's AMD processors? I'm not really up to part with how a AMD Athlon 64 3400+ @ 2.4ghz stacks up to a Pentium rated at 3.0 or 3.4ghz. Forgive my ignorance... but can an AMD 2.4 hang with a Pentium 3.0 or 3.4 without being overclocked? I know we aren't talking about the kind of difference you would get between a 500mhz and a 1.5ghz... but still... what can I expect?

Thanks ahead of time for any help!
You cant really compare the frequencies between AMDs and Intels. What you can compare is benchmarks. If you had an idea on how much you wanted to spend and how well you wanted a computer to perform, then benchmarks will give you a good idea on what to get.

Have a look here to compare CPUs.

The reason that a slower clocked AMD can keep with a higher clocked Intel is because and AMD does more instructions per clock cycle.

It's like two runners: They both move their feet in the same rhythm, and they keep in step with each other. One runner is taller than the other. The taller runner's strides are longer, and therefore he gets further with each step than the shorter one.
The shorter runner would have to move his feet faster than the tall one to keep up.
I want to spend 2000 or less (on the computer.. not monitor and other stuff included). I'm figuring about 1500 will get me a good system.

Currently looking for something around a Pentium 3ghz processor, 256mb video card (do not need dual dvi.. just vga for now.. sticking with a CRT. just cant make myself believe the LCDs are as crisp and clear), 2g RAM, one 10k RPM 34g drive, one 7200 RPM drive around 100 g....
Well if he asked for intel, for a gaming rig, he odviously dosn't know what he is doing. If you are heavy on office apps and all that, then intel is fine, but if you are into gaming, you need AMD hands down.
you need AMD hands down.

Dont turn this into another AMD vs Intel thread. You dont need AMD for gaming. Yes, for the money, AMD is better at gaming.

You have to realize, though, that not everyone wants an AMD.

Some people have used Intel forever, and have come to trust the name, Intel. So, when somebody asks for an Intel computer that is good for gaming, I give one.

It IS possible to have an Intel that is good for gaming.
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