AMD CPU cool enough?

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Clair Huxtable

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Hi all. i'm new to the world of AMD. I'm running an XP1800 on an MSI KT333 UltraARU. I have a volcano 7 attached.

The fuzzy logic temperature display shows my cpu at 42C when i'm just sitting on desktop(winXP) and after a few hours of counterstrike i'm up at 47 C.

The amd website says the 'on die' max temp is 90 degrees for this processor. I'm confused with these specifics. Is that the actual max for the chip?

Is my sys running too hot or is this fine......what range should i be looking for here?

If it's too hot should i increase case cooling or go and get something bigger for the cpu?

....thanks for any help


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47C load is good enough, but 70C and above is when you should start worrying.

90C is the maximum operating temp for the older Palominos (XP/MP) and the newer Thoroughbred cores can tolerate up to 85C.

I've got a Volcano 7+ on an Athlon XP 2000+ running at 38C idle and 45C load.
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