AMD Athlon upgrade?

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My (crap) desktop system:
- AMD Athlon 750 MHz (not overclocked)
Default system clock=100 MHz multiplier=7.5
Slot A (SC242 connector)
- AMD 751/756 chipset + 1 DIMM (128 MB RAM)
- 15" 800x600x32b + Nvidia 32MB TNT2 M64 TVout
- 40x cd-writer
- WinXP
- Seagate IDE 60GB

I want to buy a new CPU, I just want to buy one
and plug it in (I will not buy a new motherboard)

Is it possible to "just plug" an "AMD-XP 1600 MHz"
cpu on this system
First off, the Athlon XP/MP models have their 'speed-rate' measured in the model number, not the actual clock speed.

Secondly you say to be running an AMD 751 motherboard... those will not be able to support the newer Athlon CPU's.

Get a new motherboard (VIA KT333 is one chipset to name), as well as a stick of 256 MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM (minimum)
The best you can do with that motherboard is a Slot A Thunderbird 1ghz, but that's hardly worth the upgrade. You'd be far better off to save your money for a while, until you can afford a motherboard, cpu, and ram (and video card - you will not enjoy your new AthlonXP with a TnT2... wait until the Gf4 Ti's fall in price, or go with a Radeon 9000)
i say get a athlon xp 2600+ (80$)
then get a asrock k7upgrade board (40$)
then a stick of ddr 512 (35-40$)
i dont know if you play games and stuff but if you do just find some video card you like for cheap and 200$ bam good system

that or you can be lucky like me and just buy other peoples used parts for super cheap because their upgradeing.
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