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Can anyone advise on the best motherboard to support the fasest currently available AMD cpu? At present I have and Asus A7V333 Rev 1.05 with BIOS v 1016.

I need a supplier for UK.
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Thanks, but one problem I have found, particuarly with Asus, is that, to support Barton 3000+ I need revision 2.0 on the motherboards. I cannot get suppliers to to tell me what revision they are supplying.

System is XP pro, AMD 2200+, 512 MB PC2700 ram, A7V333 with BIOS rev 1016.

Am keen to go to 8x AGP and looking at A7V8X L/S/F ATX, but not sure if it supports PC3200 or the more recent PC3500 ram? Or maybe A7N8X deluxe.

Views please?
Yeah, I agree with them ^^^^^ is great for buying everything that you need.
AMD 3000/3200 upgrade

Thanks all. Yep, I am in the U.K. and shame cannot deal overseas. Anyone advise on helpful UK (or US, if they deal outside US) outlet.

It would be useful to locate for me best prices for AMD 3000 or 3200cpu, 512MB PC3200 or 3500 and appropriate motherboard.

The reason why I want speed is that some applications are using my AMD 2200+ cpu at 100% (eg. chess analyses and broadband video)
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