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im buying a amd processor, if the am2 is a couple bucks more is it still better than a s939
Do a search in this sub forum for AM2. You will get many threads that will help you out, ranging from what mobo's to is it worth it? :)
Right now, the AM2 is the same performance as the s939. AM2 has more potential and will be getting better over time.

Be aware, you will have to get DDR2 RAM with AM2, not DDR.
my thinking is i want a reliable system with no bugs but i dont want something that is "old" so i'm still not sure what i 'm going to do yet
i would go AM2. performance is pretty much the same. again, only major difference would be the jump from DDR to DDR2. which, for now, hasn't done much since the very loose timings undo any potential advantage from having faster ram (although 3-3-3-8 is decent, and not expensive). However, with AM2, you get upgradeability! i believe AMD does not plan on releasing the 65nm cores on 939, only on AM2. and on top of that with DDR2 getting better and better, it gives AM2 the advantage over 939. and since AM2 is pretty much the same price as 939, i would definitly go with AM2.
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