am i paying to much.


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hey guys i need your opinon on the priceing on the comp am i getting ripped off (i dont wanna buy it off the net), and can u guys plz tell ma if i need anything else or change anything else. and i need a cpu cooler or sumshit can u plz recommend one nothing to expensive.
cpu specs:

AMD anthlon 64 bit 3200+ 939 socket $330
Motherboard (not sure wat kind it is) $200
2 x 512 DDR ram $240
80GB hard drive 7200 RPM $112
128mb graphics card 660 $325
DVD burner 16x $135

Total = $1342

ok am i paying way to much. ps, im australian so i dont know wat our dollar is to yours or sumtin like that.
plz help thanx.


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Yeah I was about to tell you that you were getting ripped off, but then you said you were australian, so yeah it's good I guess.