Am I being ripped off?

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I need some advice.

Recently, my computer (HP Pavilion 933t) stopped working.
It simply would not start up.
I sent the unit to be evaluated and the results - the motherboard died.
The repair shop wants over $300 to fix the unit.

Is this a fair price?
Am I being ripped off?

Would replacing the mother board myself be the better option?

The operating system (XP) was preinstalled and I will not be able to reinstall the OS once I replace the motherboard.
I have no CD.

Also, I have never replaced a motherboard on a computer.
I have replaced just about everything else on other computers.

Is replacing the motherboard as easy as the "How To" guides really make it seem?

I am hesitant about repairing the unit when I can use the $300 towards a better system.

Wouldn't it be easier to buy a new system and reclaim the old hard drive?

Any advice would be welcomed.
whoa...300 hundred bucks is too much man! i would consider buying a new mobo. although, i wouldn't know how you'll get it up and running without an os...which would probably set you back another hundred or so...

replacing a mobo, is as easy as one two three...just get a good thermal goo(arctic silver 3) for the cpu...and read the mobo manual carefully.

you also have to study every aspect of the mobo change to minimize weird things from happening. and be very have to be grounded at all times to avoid static...

now lets see what opthers have to say, but do remember that the final step is always up to you.
They can be a hassle because most major PC manufacturers build their stuff custom for their cases, so if you have a problem, you have to send it back to them, which is expensive, or send it to some computer store, which in-turn, pays the manufacturer to get the part you need. So either way it's gonna be expensive, unless you really do some research and do it yourself.

That is what I would do. Dig your MoBo out of your system and check for numbers and write them down, then start searching the net for the same board. Ebay, Pricewatch, Newegg, Tigerdirect are all good places to start.

When the time comes and you need help installing your new MoBo, post here again and I am sure that one of us can talk you through how to install a new MoBo, and it may even come with instructions.

:) Hope this helps.
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