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Does anyone know of a good alternate source the 5970? Newegg's stock is pretty awful, and I've seen these available at plenty of websites, but am so spoiled by newegg's easiness I'm weary of making the decision myself.

Thanks thanks thanks thanks all who reply..... totally thought about it and two 5870s cost $200+ more than a 5970....

7-21 shipping!!!! WOW

Okay, so I found this site: XFX Xfx Radeon HD 5970 2GB DDR5 - - Price only $698.59

1-2 day shipping fo r$15, no tax, $715 total.....

Now I need to consider the PSU choice in my main build from newegg..... anyone with a 5970 or 5970 crossfire have recommendations? I definitely plan to put a second one in some days down the road (although it should be fine for .... A LONG TIME)
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