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I found out the other day that not only would my number keys not work when I was holding down the ALT.(see my "nameless-icons question") but NONE of the keys will respond when I hold it down. Does anybody know if there is a way for me to fix this? I know there is a way to customize my keyboard but I'm not sure how to adjust the settings for ALT. Has anybody done this? I have an XP if that means anything.


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I do not quite catch what you mean but normally when you use ALT+Numerical keys they work together to write ASCI characters.

As if you press ALT and then presses 126 in sequence you should get the tilde (~) character. Any digit between 1 and 255 is legal but some of the lower ones will not give you any useful ouput. I think ALT + 6 is the bell (or something).

ALT should be working fine with any other character than an numerical one.


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Try the ALT key on the other side of your keyboard, if it still doesn't work, try a different keyboard. Sometimes the switches or something gets worn out. I had a shift key go out on my keyboard once.
Good luck!:)
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