Also Assembling PC First Time


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doing the same but i'm more in the dark than himalyana.

what i got so far is the motherboard (IC780M-A2), OS, monitor, keyboard, and mouse which are either left over from my old computer, which is 4 year old store bought one, i know, it was a christmas present from my parents and i didn't have the money to get a better one. the rest was given to me by friends that owed me.

I looked around at newegg and this is what i got out of it so far.

CD/DVD Drive
Internal Hard Drive
Power Supply

I'm pretty sure the only thing i help on is the video card, sound card, and processor but i can help but think that i'm missing something. any help is appreciated.

i forgot to say that i'm trying to build a gaming pc that can at least play CoD: Black Ops.
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