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I have Windows 98SE installed on one pation and XP on one.
I've got a All-IN-Wonder Radeon video card. When I first got it. It worked great with 98SE. But, I got a new hard drive reinstalled 98SE. When I installed the drivers for the card Windows would freeze up after about 30 minutes.
I then installed XP it reconzed the card.
I went to ATI's web site and downloaded the new drivers for 98, but when I installed them it would go in the process of instaling the drivers after I restarted my computer. Then it would freeze.
I would restart the computer. Then I would get a black screen with an hour glass in the center and it will stay like that.
Does anyone know what I could do?
I had to reformat my hard drive to get into the C drive. Reinstall 98. Then I had to reinstall XP on my D drive.
Can anyone me how to get back into XP to keep from reinstalling it?
I installed 98 first. I keep haveing problems. A guy at work told me to try XP.
I uninstalled 98 then installed XP. It worked great.
He then told me later on that I can have to OSs. Then I just formated both drives. Installed 98 then XP.
MicroBell how do I get the VID Card to show so I can change it?
I've got the 98 to install the software off of the cd.
Now I'm going to try to install the updated drivers. Would I need to uninstall the old drivers or just install over the old ones?
I've got this problem to work so far.
Thanks for the help.
I got the drivers to work.
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