Alienware or Voodoo?

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Hey guys,

Im buying a laptop and I dont know if i should buy from alienware or voodoo. Which would you reccomend and why?

i like alienware's area 51m...ive seen reviews and comparisons of both voodoo and alienware....seems to me that you'd get value for your bucks if your going with alienware. in my opinion anyways.
Alienware just sounds more exotic than a VooDoo PC. I have heard that Alienware are the best if you want a power laptop. Don't expect long battery life, though!!
Yeah if you are on a budget, or at least want more for your money, Alienware is the way to go...
Yes but alienware does have a downfall, they seperate the harddrive into two partitions, and have a ton of useless junk for alienware troubleshooting running in the other partition, a ton of wasted memory, and it slows the computer down. But If you do something about that its a great computer.
hmmm......regarding can have it repartitioned, right? I'm not really a laptop fan...but i think you can repartition the notebook's hd. unless you don't want to go thru the entire process of formatting and reinstalling software.
I would say, unless you ABSOLUTELY have to have a laptop PC.. Don't get a laptop. If you're gonna spend the cash.. Get a standard PC and trick it out..

i agree, desktop PC's have a much better performance

1. Laptops have to be crammed into one "block" causing them to generate a lot more heat, and lose performance

2. Laptops have to worry about Battery Power; the CPU of a laptop is designed to save battery power by running just a bit slower

3. you can upgrade a Desktop PC so much better

4. the size of the parts is not restricted very much on Desktop PC's so performance and size of memory on Video, sound cards and HDD's can be of a lot bigger capacity
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