Alienware Area-51 Desktop Problem


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Hey there,

I have an Area-51 desktop from Alienware that I purchased 8 years ago. It's still in pretty decent shape and runs well most of the time until yesterday. I go to turn it on and it sounds like it's booting up but I'm really not sure if it is or not because the monitor immediately goes into power safe as soon as I turn it on. I tried a different monitor and the same thing happened with it. I googled and came up with something about changing the battery on the motherboard so we managed to take the battery out and brought it to Radioshack. Well, we replaced it and pretty much are in the same boat as we started. I still really like the computer, I mean it was top of the line when we bought it. Any suggestions or thoughts would be most appreciated.



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That battery is called the CMOS bat. It's a 3 volt CRC2032 battery that saves all settings in BIOS (Basic Input/Output Settings).

The likelihood is that your graphics card took a dump. Do you have any spare graphics adapters you can use? Any onboard video, etc?


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with it being that old, probably has agp card, the power safe mode on the monitor means it doesn't recognize a video input source, therefor like grantofhell said, could be the card. could also be the Power Supply, or even the CPU, best thing to do, is find a cheap PCI or AGP card, see if that works ,does the motherboard have onboard video? Also see if any of your friends has a power supply tester.