Alien or Other (Laptops)


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After a whole lot of begging, stealing, borrowing and waitressing I'm finally going to go look at some gaming laptops XD.
One of my friends said I should go look at alienware but there are soooo many different options! And I have no idea what I need.

So, to start with I am looking for a computer that will be able to play the latest MMORPGs with beautiful graphics for about 2 years, and will continue to be useful for checking emails and writing word documents on for a further 3 years.

Battery life doesn't matter, nor does the size of the screen (I have a projector to plug it in to ;P). However I do like pretty computers with lots of shiny LEDs (I'm part magpie and very shallow)

So ideally I would like to find this for around £1000 (aprox $1600), I guess i could spend up to £1600 (aprox $2400) at a push, but obviously I would rather not have to. Any suggestions or ideas would be very useful as I am rather lost (-_-) Thank you for taking the time to read this.