Alert!!! nice gaming system


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I am selling this system, it has been used for 1 year, i am selling it because i need money for a car(lol) and the specs are as follows:

Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHZ 800FSB! 512kb cache northwood(w/ heatsink)
Abit IC7-G motherboard
2x K-Byte 512mb pc-3200 (makes one gig)(w/ heatsink)
Gainward 128MB 5600XT
Thermaltake V1000A case(yeah, off the hook)(7fans, all tooless, etc..)
Sony CDRW52x24x52x
harcano controller
action tec moden
50GB hdd (i will upgrade to 160GB for 80$)
100MB zip disk controller
Linkworld 430W powersupply
the whole case has 7 fans in it(only on the case)
I organized the pictures better than in the pic.
Iam selling it for 800$, if you build it your slef it will come out to way more. If interested contact me at


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Hmm. Nice system. But its more of a low/med gaming system computer. I wonder how it overclocking :D