Alert: Killerkid Is A Scammer!


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straight from anandtech forums!
Read the last few pages please!
he is a scammer!
notice they are the same people! they both come from iowa, have the same last name and have the same merchindise to sell on this forum and anandtech's!!!!!
funny they have the same heat too huh?

READ VoraciousGorak's post on his HEAT!

here is his info from anandtech forums: if you have been scammed by him, please report this info to the proper authorties!

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First Name: Zach
Last Name: Mullins
Username: killerkid
City: Princeton
Province/State: Iowa
Country: United States
E-mail Address:
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Last Visited On: 01/07/2005 12:44 PM
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killerkid is a pahalogical liar. he lied to get back on the forums and now is banned a second time from anandtech!


1/7/05 10:26 PM EST

killerkid is now banned. He lied to us more than once, even after we busted him for his lies. Even as chinkgai was suggesting checking his IP address to verify his story about "his buddy," we were doing exactly that. Of course, all of his posts were from the same IP address,

We held off posting the above while we were trying to get him to refund VoraciousGorak's money. Now that has happened so we are glad to confirm what everyone has already figured out - This kid is a pathological liar and is not to be trusted for any reason.

We do not yet have an address or phone number for him. We would appreciate receiving that information from any member who gets it.

Name: Zach Mullins

All posts are from IP address

Alternate address:

If you spot him at any other forum, please notify their moderators or admins, and please link them to this thread.


AnandTech Moderator "

also, another member found his address
Zach Mullins (and, AFAIK, his immediate family, including parents)
PO Box 341
Princeton, IA 52678