Alcatel 1 & Alcatel 1C Cell Phone Review .


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England, UK
Recently I've been going threw the motions of trying to find a new phone. I've been to my local supermarket several times and picked up the thread title phones in question and I can honestly say what utter cheap low end garbage.

I bought the Alcatel 1C and had constant problems with overheating, internet connection and buggy software overall when using my own 3rd party browser. The phone was very slow to respond, Very hard to manage as being so small, it was a fiddle to get to grips with. The Alcatel 1C I was using was running Android Oreo 8.1 and while being a good decent OS the actual phone just didn't seem to have the capability's to run the OS it self. Over all the same being said for the Alcatel 1.

I honestly recommend using Amazon and based on your needs I strongly recommend doing your research and what it is you need a phone specifically for looking at what is available and closest to your price range.

Amazon being amazon will have all the information of the various technicality's in question. Physical hardware specs, OS version and features, and most importantly always IMO look at the reviews. See what it is you are getting and what other people have experienced and their opinions .

I'll be honest. I don't recommend the Alcatel 1 or the Alcatel 1C other than a phone to simply dial a number and make a voice call.

Low end £40 too £50 Phone that wont last .

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