Alarm Clock Program for Computers?


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Is there such a thing? And does it cost anything? I've been trying to wake up at the right time in the mornings, but 2 quiet alarms aren't cutting it. I was thinking that if I were to have a program to run on my computer that would sound an alarm at a certain time, I could use the volume of the computer to help my hearing the alarms. Could someone list something like this or at least flame me for not knowing of a Windows XP feature I don't know about?

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or then just set your media player to start playing music at some given time.
If the media player doesn't have a feature like that, you can use the one windows app that opens a program at a given time, and then you can also set it so that when it opens the media player it will start to play a song immediately.
edit: for the windows app - C:\WINDOWS\Tasks


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Iv'e done it a couple with Winamp, all i did was go to Control Panel>>Scheduled Tasks (think it's the same as mummikoura said) and create a task opening a media file/playlist, and of course it opened it in Winamp my default player...worked like a charm

Also, if you use Winamp, there is a nice plug-in for it that has an alarm Here



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There is one called Banshee, that supposed to be pretty crazy i heard of it, never used it though.