Aiw 9700pro Problems

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Just got the AIW 9700 pro video card and I am having major problems with it. Running XP with AMD 2000, 120gb hd 1g of ram. Most of the components on the install cd wont install properly and dont work. The games wont run correctly either they have lines all over the graphics and blocks in other games making them unplayable. Ive upgraded the via chipset before installation like they said and ive downloaded the lastest windows xp drivers from ATI's website to run with it. Anyone else have problems with this card.

Ive included a screenshot from empire earth to show u the problem


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oh, wait a installed the catalyst drivers off the cd? that could be the problem. download the latest from the ATI site.
Make sure, like seloce said, that you get the drivers from the ATI site. Also make sure that the Card is seated in its place properly and also, if it has a fam, make sure it is spinning. This could be the cause...

PS: Is Empire Earth any good? (This isnt tech support related, but I have been waiting for an excuse to buy it)
empire earth is great never the same game twice with so many variables.

i did install the drivers from the ati website like i mentioned in my first post but i tried to uninstall the cd drivers and i think there is a conflict. How can i do a clean uninstall and clean install and i will check the slot to make sure card is in right.
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