AIW 7500, SB Live installed, now hanging on boot

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I just upgraded my buds computer (HP Pavilion..eekk).

He has 900 AMD Athlon, 128mb sdram 100. I uninstalled Windows ME (more errors) with Windows 2000 (which I have never had an issue with).

It ran fine until I upgraded to:

1) ATI AIW 7500
2) SB Live
3) 256mb sdram 133 (more)
4) Conexant modem

Now it's just hanging on just see that godforsaken HP invent blue screen. I had to give a new sound card and modem, due to there being a modem/sound combo card in it...would not work with Win2kp.

I don't get it? Is there a conflict somewhere I am not aware of?

Any information on this issue would greatlly be appreciated.


If there's any option at all anywhere with a BIOS setup, try disabling fast writes, as the Radeon 7500 has no support for it, and same goes to disabling an integrated graphics controller, if the machine has it.
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