AIM 6.0 Custom Sound?


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For those of you who have AIM 6.0, you might have noticed that some people have different sounds when they sign on even though you didn't do anything. Does anyone know how to do this?


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never used it before, is there not somewhere to customise them in the menus? If not then there might be a sound folder, so you could swap the sound for the ones you want, and rename them.

Tommy Boy

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Open up AIM and to go "Edit" then click "Settings".

Then on the left side go down and click "sounds"

Then pick the sound you want to change at the top where it says "IM and chat sounds", "buddy list sounds" and "talk sounds" and click the one you want to change.

Now find the sound you want to change and click the radio button beside "play this sound" and click the browse button to the right and find the sound on your pc that you would like to change it to.

Click ok and you should be set.

If you just want to change the sound to something that AIM already has you can just use the dropdown box and pick which sound you want. Click the preview button and you can hear it.