AI5TV - Ram Detection Failure

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I have just put together an old motherboard (AI5TV 1.3, Award 4.51pg, Bios version 9, 266mhz MMX) and some other bits just to have as a second PC.

This particualr motherboard has 4 EDO Slots and one DIMM.

I have populated the EDO Slots with a total of 128mb (4 x 32mb Double Sided). The manual says that the DIMM Slot can also take a further 64mb stick (Double Sided).

The problem is that it will only recognize 64mb of the total ram.
I have flashed the newest Bios available but there is still no difference.

A jumper problem perhaps?

Any ideas guys?
possible is, one of the DIMM slot is spoilt. Another possibility is that the mobo's DIMM is shared. In other words, DIMM1 and 2 are actually one DIMM recognise by the chipset while DIMM3 and 4 as another one. So, even though the mobo do support up to 4 DIMM RAM, the effective DIMM is only 2.
The EDO Slots are fine. They recognize the 128mb that they have in it.
But when the DIMM slot is populated with the 64mb stick as well it only shows that up, and cancels the 128mb out.
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