Ahosting versus MarbleHost


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I would be very pleased if you could tell me your point on the following:

Where it is more preferrable to get shared hosting account from? Ahosting.biz or MarbleHost.com?

Currently I am to go with ahosting as they look more serious and experienced, but they do not provide free domains unlike MarbleHost which does it in every hosting plan...


Shared account is better to have from marblehost.com as they provide low cost services with more resourceful plans.
Plus they offer a lot of free features for their customers.


The companies you mentioned are good ones as people express positive points towards them. But I think that you should widen your search in order to make productive decision. Check out serverpoint.com because it offers attractive shared hosting plans at affordable price.


I vote Ahosting.biz. Free domains cannot be better than experince and qulaity of hosting? the more so because Ahosting provides domain reselling from godaddy, and this is very cheap. I recommend Ahosting.


I'd go with marblehost.com as their feature-rich plans are more attractive for me. Free features that help to build and manage the web sites are also important.
Plus their low cost services.


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I am sure that more lower cost services you will be able to find at webhostgiant.com. They offer attractive Linux and Windows web hosting and will provide you with good hosting services. I think that 25 GB of Space
and 1000 GB of Bandwidth at $2.79 will be more better price than the others offer.


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From those companies I would rather choose Ahosting.biz - they are more experienced and they sell theior own hosting , while MarbleHost resells. also they have wider selection and look more stable.


Despite of being resellers MarbleHost.com provides great hosting services. Their domain names feature and the prices also make them more attractive than other company.


If I were in your situation, I would doubtlessly deal with ahosting.biz as its long history in this business gives the reasons to treat it as the company with highly redundant servers and quality support. As for the price, it is really affordable.


Though Ahosting is more experienced, for shared deals I prefer MarbleHost.com because they have many additional useful features including a free domain names in your property.