Ahhhhhh... stoopid fedex

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The scenario: I ordered some round cables, as well as a Volcano 9 heatsink + Arctic Silver III and an MSI GeForce4 Ti 4200 on Friday morning, from newegg.

Usually, whenever I order from them, I usually receive my stuff the day after I order (explainable since I live like 30 minutes from them), but this time was quite strange.

It has been the first time they had actually held my package there, but I suppose they're too lazy to even make an early deliver, of which was supposed to be received today. :mad:

Ehh... two days ain't really gonna kill me, just had to vent there.

P.S. - look at the circled 3 events - and pay attention to the location and timestamp, and you'll find something funny. ;)
That sucks, I usually have much better luck with fedex than UPS.
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