AHHAHAHAHAHAHA look at this review!

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i was checking out how much a 3.0 ghz cpu was these days and i was reading this review, i thought it was weird until i realized it just was the funniest most nonsense thing ever!!! now this is a 3.0 ghz review! just came out a year or so ago

N/A,9/18/2004 5:10:53 PM

I've had this cpu for like 9 years now and for the past 2-3 years It's been overclocked at like ten thousand gigahurts. Totally pwnz. My ultra materia ice cooling system keeps it chilled at like -29 Celseaus. Awesome processor, but I recently changed to a 7.9ghz Pentium 9. Totally better

David Lindon

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Very funny! I think someone is having a laugh!!!
I have seen one @ 5GHz with liquid nitrogen cooling it but I can't remember the site.