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What the hell is wrong with win xp and formatting, i go to open a command prompt {I Know it doesnt work but i thought ide try anyways} it basically said cant reformat because of windows is running so im like ya that makes sence, then i make a MSdos startup disk put it in my floppy drive restart, doesnt do anything just starts up winxp normally so next time i press F8 and chose to boot of floppy, try and type in "Format C:" it sais bad command file, for sum reason it had "A:\" before each line {Ive tryed MSdos startup disk and Windows 98 startup disk to try this} also the option on the winxp pro cd to totally install winxp again, it sais it will erase the hard drive IT DOESNT and install winxp clean ive tryed it like 3 times and no luck. So im wondering if anyone has accomplished this has any help??

Winxp pro
30 gig
512 ddr
2.4 ghz
48-24-48 burner
or back up everything, insert a disk that has Fdisk, a partition manager, into the drive, and destroy your partition. Then reinstall it, and if you want, make 2 partitions, one for data and one for system. Trust me you won't regret it.
ya, i have partition magic 8, but im not to sure how to use it
i made a fdisk thats like 50megs for the Bootmagic{said i needed a Fat32 for it to work so i made a small partition for it} but i dont completely understand how it works, i tryed making a new partition and installing a new OS on that partition using the wizard Partition Magic uses but it hasnt bin worken, anyone that familiar with it can ya give me a step by step dummies guide to making a new partition and installing a new OS on it?
Im with MB on this one,, get the 98 boot disk,,, add FORMAT to the boot disk and then start up your PC with the boot disk,,

follow the usual steps,, at the a:\ go to fdisk,, delete all partitions,, then create one primary,, the disk will be verified, then reboot with the start up disk still in the drive,,this time at the a:\ type in FORMAT C:

let it do its thing, then start your XP install ,,,


Ahhh ,, just like a fresh spring day,,,

Cheers :)
Just to throw in my .02 cents, I am also with MB. I used to think that using things like PM8 were better.... no. They are a waste of time. If you want to use your time more wisely, find a tut on fdisk, read it, and go that route, not only will it be easier, it will be faster.

And if you don't want to hunt for a tut, it looks like CrashAbbott has the steps down.
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