AHH computer messed up! heeeelp please

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ok so a few days ago there was a severe thunderstorm in my area and stupid me was playing a computer game. so im playing and al the sudden lightning strikes my house(my computer is in my room which is on the 2nd floor) my computer and other stuff(modem,router,lamp) is connected to a battery backup thing which is 360watts. ok after the lightning hit, my computer freezes and i hear this "spark" go off. anyways i just turn off the computer(press the power buton of the comp) after the storm settles down i turn on my computer again and what do i find out? my mouse and keyboard doesn't work! ahh so i can't do anything or control anything cause i cant use my mouse or keyboard. my mouse is an optical scroll mouse and the red light thats usually on on the bottom doesnt come on anymore, and my keyboard iss....screwed up. nothing works, i pressed all the keys and nothing respponds. so i know this story is long and boring so heres a summary

1)playing game and lightning strikes causing my comp to freeze
2)so i turn it off
3) i turn it on later and my mouse and keyboard dont work and also the "status" light on my modem doesnt come on
4) do ihave to buy a new mouse and keyboard?


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is it still plugged into the ups? If it is try moving the plug for the cpu to the wall outlet if it works then the ups is fried. If not then (if they are usb) try moving the connections to different ports. If that still doesn't work try a different mouse and keyboard.


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Does your system POST and go into Windows OK? If so connect another KB and mouse to the system and see what happens. If the problem persists I would say you probably fried your Mobo, CPU at the least. If you were using the UPS properly you should be OK. If not when you purchased the UPS you system will be insured by the manufacturer of the UPS and you should contact them for the replacement of the fried components.


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Power surge...Spark....Mobo my be damaged(amoung aother components). Save your data. reinstall windows. If during the new install for windows, your mouse and keyboard are still not recognized....you will need to spend some money on new mobo or other components. Huge power surges = Big computer damage problems!!!
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